Cafe racer gsxr front end

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View full product details. Specs: Made from T6 aircraft grade This will replace the ugly factory CBR top tree We configure these front ends to fit basically any motorcycle. Just tell us the bike and we build to suit your needs. We custom build Check out this Retro Top Triple. These are a Cognito Moto original design.

CNC machined from T6 billet aluminum, then polished to remove any This will replace the ugly factory GSX-R top tree Handlebar has slight angle that can be rotated around for comfort. This spacer goes between the bearings inside of the hub. We went ahead and made some in This Kit includes top and bottom bearings. These are high quality tapered bearings.

Kit also includes bearings seals for Clean up your front end with this quality Kit also includes bearings seals for top Kit comes with 2 bearings and 2 seals. Fork Conversion Parts Making your fork conversion easier. Filter by: donor fork or bike frame.

Hubs and triple clamps are fork specific. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available:. This is a very simple solution for a difficult conversion. Add to Cart. Please mail us your lower triple with return address.

We custom build components needed to adapt these forks to your bike. Rebuild with new seals and oil. We also source used calipers.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Gsxr to Cafe racer.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Project Terrafraid Will post more details. Finally made a start. End of day 1. Last edited by bladehunter; at PM. They look sweet as Cafe's, nice work BH, the wire wheels look wicked what are they off?? Thanks guys.

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Holy shit Shit hot man! Rear is 17x5. If the tax man is generous this year front calipers will be Beringer as below, if not 4 piston Brembos tho brembos have clearance issues and Beringers don't. Rear brake is once again std Ducati part, but it's over slung single piston type on a non torque arm bracket it's really close to the brace.

Realy want an under slung twin piston. That looks horn. Glenn Eason drinks and smokes and lends his arse to other blokes.

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Little bit of an update. Decided to have a go a shape for the seat unit.The Suzuki Bandit Cafe Racer definitely lives up to its name. Since this Suzuki Bandit Cafe Racer was initially built to be shown off at the Glemseck festival, it had to come out perfectly and still remain recognizable as a modern bike to the onlookers.

The Suzuki Bandit has an instantly recognizable body and frame shape so the designers chose to retain that. Most of the major modifications were done on the rear part of the bike instead. To bring the front end of the bike closer to the ground, everything had to be swapped out for GSX-R front end. Everything included the forks and triple tees.

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To raise the rear end, a steeper kickup was put in place. This mod made it impossible to use the stock rear panels and tail unit so a new fiberglass one had to be put in place. To achieve a more retro look, the metallic surfaces had to be broken down.

Since no changes were made to the tank itself, not having the leather overlay on it would have killed the retro cafe racer look Daniel Handler and Hans S. Muth were going for. Continuing on with the minimalistic approach to building this bike, the designers used the Motogadget Motoscope Tachometer to clean up the dash and remove any distracting features that could affect how simple and beautiful the bike looked.

The end result is a beautiful bike that not only wowed a lot of people at Glemseck but also in the other events this cafe racer was featured in. Fatmile, the Suzuki Bandit Cafe Racer that will steal your heart! Search for:. Caferacerz Ad. Follow Us! Have you got bitten by the Cafe Racer bug? Join the CaferacerZ newsletter then!

Simply enter your info below. Stay Tuned. We Respect Your Privacy. No spam. We promise. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.Swapping your old forks with a set of modern, better-performing upside-down forks sounds like a complex task, and it is.

Thankfully there are some great aftermarket products available to simplify the job.

Fatmile, the Suzuki Bandit Cafe Racer that will steal your heart!

In this edition of our Workshop Seriesthe crew at Cognito Moto walk us through the fork conversion process by demonstrating the fitment of a Suzuki GSXR front end to a seventies Honda CB using their own specialized parts. But first, why even perform a fork conversion in the first place?

Secondly, your old forks may be in need of a serious overhaul. Rather than buying new stanchions or re-chroming the old onesseals, springs, and internals it may only cost a bit more to install a modern alternative. Lastly, you might want to beef things up. If you want your old bike to have a tougher, more bullish stance modern USD forks are a sure fire way to achieve that.

So with all that in mind I will now pass you over to Cognito Moto frontman Devin Henriques who will run you through the basics of how to perform a motorcycle fork conversion. This walkthrough assumes you have a basic knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and how forks work.

cafe racer gsxr front end

If you have a workshop manual for your motorcycle it will walk you through the process of removing your motorcycles old front end. Now follow the steps in your manual to remove the forks.

Once everything has been loosened lift the front end of the bike using your jack and slide the old fork down and off the bike. On this bike, we also removed the exhaust so we could sit the bike on a jack. The conversion stem, in this case, is roughly about a half an inch longer than the stock stem. If we installed the forks as is the bearing would be sitting on the threads, and there would be no way to tighten it up.

This is why we have developed these custom conversion stems. Start by dismantling the GSXR forks so you have the lower clamp and the original steering stem separate to the other parts.

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Loosen the pinch bolts on the GSXR yoke and carefully slide both fork legs out. To press the old stem out of the bottom yoke you will need a good hydraulic press.You do not have JavaScript enabled. In order to enjoy all the features of CB Help Keep me logged in. Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Front end swap. Front end swap Hello All, I just registered and new here. I'm hopeful I can get and share help. I just bought a cb According to the numbers the frame is a 76' and motor is 75'.

Is this common? I had several bikes when I was younger when I had more money than brains now I have both. I plan to modify my into my ideas of a cool bike. Before I take it apart I want to collect most of the parts. I've been researching front end swaps which is best?.

I want duel disc. Out back, is the rear swing arm adequate or swap it out? What is a good replacement? I have a large home shop and I have above average fabrication skills. Thanks in advance. I'll post pictures on next posting. After over 30 years its very common to have miss matched frame and engine. All the years of the sohc engines will swap so it was an easy fix when they had an issue just to swap engines.

Thank you for your reply. That makes sense. So I'm legit. Any ideas on which front end and or rear swing arm I should use? I'm actively looking at complete front ends with everything. GSXR or ? Or CBR or any ideas?

cafe racer gsxr front end

Man, you are in no-mans' land now. Like asking what wings to put on my airplane after sawing the originals off. Simply way too much to process there, and it shows naivete on your part. It can be done but it's done by people who already have a rock solid idea of exactly what parts they'll use and rework.Have you ever wanted to swap out the tired old telescopic forks on your retro ride for a pair of modern upside down items? Upgrading your motorcycles old suspension is one of the best things you can do to transform your riding experience.

Depending on your desired outcome and budget Cognito Moto offer a variety of services and parts to make the whole process a cinch. The top of the range package is an all inclusive kit that gives you a myriad of options to choose from.

It includes a completely rebuilt GXR-R set of forks, offset CNC milled triple clamp with Motoscope Mini gauge, handlebars, switches and controls, front brake assembly and a spoked front wheel, most of which have multiple variants to choose from based on colour, size or style.

When the kit arrives it simply a matter of removing the old and installing the new to fit the new front end to your bike. There are of course many other tasks that follow such as wiring it up, but the amount of work and time you save will be huge. If the full kit is a bit rich for your budget Cognito also offer items that will allow you to fit parts you source yourself.

This means you can go scour your local wreckers for the best deal on a modern front end and then utilise the Cognito catalogue to fit it. Such parts in their catalogue include model specific steering stems, bearings and top clamps in different offsets to suit your wheel selection.

cafe racer gsxr front end

Replacing handlebars on a motorcycle can dramatically change its look and feel. For better or worse, the handlebar affects a motorcycle aesthetics in a large way — they can stick out like….

The crew at Return of the Cafe Racers have collectively been writing, riding and mulling over cafe racers for decades. So, you want to build a cafe racer. How do you craft a stock motorcycle into a machine worthy of the cafe racer name? Read more like this. Workshop Series: Replacing Handlebars on a Motorcycle Replacing handlebars on a motorcycle can dramatically change its look and feel.

For better or worse, the handlebar affects a motorcycle aesthetics in a large way — they can stick out like… Continue Reading.Not surprisingly it starts off with Harley-Davidson. Back inHarley-Davidson was on the brink of fading away, when a last- minute rescue from AMF saved the day. That was initially good news, but the Japanese superbike invasion had already begun, with the revolutionary Honda.

Plus, Harley Davidson was getting a kicking. Willie G. Davidson was bright enough to see the potential of and incobbled together a new model from existing stock. But the brown stuff hit the fan in when the Yamaha Virago rolled onto the showroom floor. Verbally mauled by Yamaha for having the audacity to produce a V-twin cruiser. Disclaimer: this is a totally subjective selection.

Want to share your thoughts? Feel free to comment. The first thing that catches your eye on this beauty is the gas tank. The RD unit has been brought back to life and looks just right perched on the top tube. Hageman usually makes a rather nifty subframe that bolts on to the standard Yam backbone. This innovation cleans up the back end and makes that engine look huge. Keeping things clean is a blacked out exhaust that finishes in a Norton Peashooter type silencer.

Some people can look at a grungy old bike and see its potential for a cool custom while others can look at a single component and build an entire bike around it. Finnish custom builder Ville Hanninen falls into both categories. Finding a XV that looked like it had seen better days, the intrepid Finn fabricated an entirely new subframe. He also made new trees to fit the R1 front end and constructed the seat unit.

A exhaust and GP silencer completed the look, with the only thing left being a King Kenny speed block paint job. I love custom bikes from far-flung places. According to Spartak, a customer brought this Virago into the shop. He had already christened it Tramontana which means, strong winter wind and although it had the Suzuki GSX-R front end, it was so poorly fitted, it needed major metal surgery to rectify.

The blacked in an engine, weld-heavy exhaust and matt paint, work well to give the bike a real-world functionality that still screams custom. Taking a grossly overweight TR1 in full touring mode, he kept cutting it down until the overweight Yam was almost half its original weight! In its first guise, it was a street sleeper, before going on to part-time race duty, with Tom finally going the whole hog in The bike now has a seriously souped-up engine and Nitrous injection and has dominated German one-eighth mile sprints for two years running.

Tom keeps re-inventing this custom bike and just transformed the TR1 into a hardcore drag racer with a strechted rear and and some serious performance upgrades.

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Check it out here. Christian Moretti of Italian custom outfit Plan B, has both of these qualities in huge bucketfuls. This nifty little XV has a real club-racer vintage feel to it.

cafe racer gsxr front end

Helped considerably by the handcrafted seat unit that flows seamlessly from the Benelli gas tank, which in turn sits on a lowered frame section. The look may be from yesteryear, but the suspension components are bang up to date. A Ducati front end sitting in custom trees graces the front, while a Yamaha R1 shock on a strengthened swinging arm sits at the back. A bike with a minimalistic design, high-end partsand a racy spirit: it not only looks beautiful, it also performs pretty well while the KSC team did a good job on adjusting the handling to more modern day race bike standards.

A Yamaha R1 front end, custom and adjustable Sachs rear shock, Brembo braking, complete engine refurbish and saved a lot of weight. Adding to its hard knock looks is a Yamaha R1 front end.

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